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Our aim is to change the future of healthcare….will you join us?

Here at META-Health University we offer a full program of cutting edge Courses, Diplomas and Degrees in Integrative Medicine and Meta-Health.  Our expert faculty teach a revolutionary new healing paradigm based on the very latest scientific research into the causes of disease.

When you enroll at the META-Health University not only will you learn about the true meanings of illness but you will embark on a journey that has the potential to transform your life and the lives of your clients.

We have already successfully trained 100s of health professionals of the highest caliber from Doctors and Dentists to Yoga Teachers and Homeopaths….are you ready to join us?

Discover how to be a leader in the new emerging health paradigm by studying with the META-Health University and it’s world-renowned faculty.

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META-Health University is part of an amazing network of META-Health Master Trainers, Trainers and Professionals and MHU Master Trainers Johannes R. Fisslinger, Dr. Kwesis Anan Odum, Kora Klapp and Christa Uricher are fully board-certified by the Intl. META-Medicine Association which is the worldwide nonprofit accreditation and standards organization for all META-Health Professionals.