META-Health Practitioner (META-P) Certification Training

Become board certified as a META-Health Practitioner (META-P) by attending the 125-Hour Worldwide Online Training with Johannes R. Fisslinger (in English).

The next 6-months certification training starts JULY 30, 2014. Book early, limited seats available.

”Your awareness of specific stress triggers, emotions and beliefs
affecting your organ symptoms and the conscious actions you take,
determine your level of META-Health.”

Go beyond complementary and mind-body medicine. Discover the Art and Science of Self-Healing and deep interconnectedness between Body-Mind-Spirit and our Social Environment. Achieve excellence as a health professional by integrating META-Health Analysis and META-Therapy into your practice.


Why participate?

META-Health is a SCIENCE-BASED, revolutionary new healing paradigm, which will radically transform your health beliefs and your understanding of disease and healing. Explore META-Health and learn how specific stress triggers, traumas, conflict shocks, emotions and beliefs affect your clients. Discover the Organ-Brain-Stress-Emotion-Belief Connection and its importance for a comprehensive diagnosis.

Who can participate?

  • All Health Professionals, Doctors and Therapists
  • Counselors, Health and Wellness Consultants
  • Yoga and Pilates Teachers
  • Anyone working with clients or patients
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This training will focus on teaching you all skills necessary to apply META-Health and especially META-Health Analysis and META-Therapy in your practice. We will cover:

  • How to use your own and your clients body-mind healing intelligence
  • How to apply the Organ-Stress-Emotion-Belief Connection
  • How to spot the 9 major Points and Phases of Healing
  • Emotions, Stress Triggers and Symptoms for all organs
  • How to use the 12 META-Steps and Questions in your Analysis
  • Principles of Embryology, Epigenetics, Energy and Quantum Medicine
  • Skills to use META-Health Analysis in your practice or for yourself
  • Step-by-step training to apply META-Therapy and META-Therapy Plan
  • Awareness, Mindfulness, Vitality and its importance for self-healing
  • How to integrate your current therapies with META-Health
  • META-Health Fit (includes exercises you can give to your clients)

If you feel something is missing in your holistic diagnosis and therapy then discover and use the missing link which is META-Health Analysis and Therapy.

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Which skills will you learn?

META-Health looks at the big picture (meta – higher order) of healing, the interconnectedness of the body-mind-spirit-social connection and at the same time is extremely precise in providing you with answers to your health questions. Because of its scientific-empirical foundation it will develop confidence in your own healing abilities.

In your META-Health Certification Training you will learn the Advanced META-Health Analysis and META-Health Therapy Process and get answers to questions like:

  • What is the cause of back pain, eczema, heart disease, cancer and all other illnesses?
  • Which specific stress triggers, emotions and beliefs are affecting specific organ tissue?
  • How can I apply the 9 major points and phases of healing in my work with clients?
  • Why do symptoms change during the course of a healing process?
  • How can I help clients by adjusting their social environment to heal?
  • What real-life solutions are recommended for specific organ symptoms?
  • What methods (like Tapping, EMDR, NLP, etc.) should I use at which time?
  • How can I use Lifestyle Prescriptions™ for my clients?
  • And so much more …

How will you learn?

The META-P Certification Training will be delivered online (via webinar video platform, skype, chat and community forums) to everyone who has an internet connection and is interested in spending the time and energy necessary to become certified. This is what you will get:

  • E-learning over 6 months (25 video segments, watch anytime and as often as required)
  • Weekly practice and supervision online sessions (convenient scheduled to ensure you can attend)
  • Practice with clients (you coordinate dates with fellow trainees and supervisor)
  • Home study (theoretical foundation)
  • Review of client cases (during weekly sessions)
  • Certification preparation and review
  • Certification by IMMAMETA-Health Medicine Association

This training follows the new 2013 standards set by the International META-Medicine Association, which is the international accreditation and governing body for all META-Health Professionals. After successful completion you will be certified by IMMA as a META-Health Practitioner (125 hours certification training).


EmmaPatricioPhoto100“Freedom, empowerment and relief! These are what I’ve gained from META-Health. For years I searched for a discipline that would explain to me the connection between mind and body but in an easy to apply yet scientific way. META-Health does this and so much more.”
Emma Patricio UK

“I have a holistic clinic in Hong-Kong with 10 practitioners and have been originally practicing as a physiotherapist for twenty eight years. I just completed my META-Health University Certification Training and it is just invaluable. It’s just amazing how specific I can be with my clients. I know exactly what questions to ask and therefore my results are phenomenal. It is almost like miracles. And what’s nice is that I feel like I can consistently get good results.” Caroline Rhodes, META-Health Practitioner, HongKong

hanskleinert100“If we understand how we tick, we regain our power to change whatever we want to change and therefore create the future we wish for and attracting happiness. META-Health is the BEST vehicle I know.”
Hans Kleinert, Success Coach, Honolulu


BonnieMartin100” As a provider of traditional health care for over 30 years, I have longed for a better way of helping my patients other than just relieving symptoms. META-Health has opened my mind and heart to a way of truly helping others resolve their health problems by providing a deeper insight to the core causes of illness. This awareness allows my patients to be full partners in their healing using the tools provided by META-Health. if you want to change your life and that of your clients, Meta-Health will provide the tools you need.” Bonnie Martin, Registered Nurse, USA


  • “Clients coming to me because of an emotional or spiritual issue often experience physical symptoms. I love META-Health, because it enables me to find the underlying conflicts, issues and triggers very quickly. Once found, they can be released effectively. Conscious conflict resolution helps clients realize the interconnectedness of physical symptoms and emotional issues. Based on this understanding, clients are empowered to develop new, positive behavioral strategies.”
  • “Understanding the root cause of the osteopenia in my lumbar spine using META-Health analysis and consultation resulted in my spine going back to normal strength (evidenced by medical bone scans). The coaching was so powerful I trained to be a META-Health Consultant and Trainer myself, completely changing career at the age of 52.
  • “I have been paralyzed and in a wheel chair for many years. META-Health allowed me to see the deep unconscious feelings of “being at a loss and stuck”. Consequent I recovered, can walk again and my leg is not triggered anymore.”
  • “META-Health works! It gives huge insights and takes the fear out of illness and disease, which can only help the healing!
  • “Allergies, asthma and digestive issues have been part of my daily experience for 25 years. These physical discomforts were accompanied with an overwhelming feeling of incomprehension, injustice and powerlessness and by the incessant questions “What’s going on?”, “Why? Why me?”, “Am I really going to have to be on medication all my life?” Finding META-Health 3 years ago opened the doors of understanding and has since then become the pillar supporting profound healing of my Being and the growth of my awareness. Through META-Health I have reached a state of health and well-being that I did not think possible before. Today META-Health is THE main roadmap I am using for my own health and personal growth as well as the one of my clients.”
  • “META-Health allowed me to come back to my own authority. I no longer see a disease as a bad luck or nature error, quite opposite. I trust my body and its amazing intelligence as it shows me where I still hold illusions and it supports me in the evolution as a human being. META -Health is for me personally an incredible tool that took me on a journey of reconnecting to my true self and empowerment.”

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