Wondering what META-Health really is? Watch this video …

Johannes R. Fisslinger, Founder META-Health University shares why and how META-Health is the foundation knowledge for all health professionals aiming to be leaders in the new emerging health paradigm. SHARE THIS POST WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND COMMUNITY

Interview with Tina and Gary Craig, EFT Founder

My last blog article EFT/Tapping does NOT work? has triggered lots of responses and discussions. To my surprise Gary Craig called me after someone has forwarded the article to him. We had a great talk and agreed that the best way to share and discuss would be through an interview. You might be surprised by […]

EFT and Tapping do NOT work?


Recently at the META-Health University a doctor student made a profound statement: “EFT, Tapping and all these quick fix energy methods just don’t work. I have studied medicine for many years and now I can heal all my patients just by attending a few days of training. I don’t think so”. I totally understand where […]

Allergies anyone? Then you must read this …


​This is a really short post. But I felt so empowered by Mai’s email and she agreed that I can share it with you. Basically this session happened during our Be META-Healthy 6-Weeks Course and using the META-Health Analysis and Therapy Process (which we teach in our META-Health Master Practitioner Certification Training) allowed Mai to […]

Why am I still in pain?


“Thank you for being an attentive and giving teacher. I really look forward to attending your weekly seminars. As promised, here is a summation of my personal experience during these past few weeks on the Be META-Healthy 6-Weeks Course. I want to start off by mentioning that I haven’t been doing anything different lifestyle wise […]

Don’t join our META-Health experiment unless you mean business!


Are you a workshop addict? Looking for the next big thing? Trying to find new tools or therapies even if you have studied many already? Do you still feel insecure in your holistic disease analysis? Or are you seriously considering going beyond short-term thinking and building a sustainable and professional career in integrative and natural […]

How to be a leader in the New Emerging Health Paradigm

A new health care system is approaching fast. You can see it everywhere. Doctors, nurses and health professional and patients desire it. Find out why we need a completely new analysis and therapy platform and foundation that allows all health professionals to work together in an integrative way. RSVP for the upcoming FREE LIVE WEBINAR […]

Why sometimes doing nothing is best for healing conjunctivitis!

Macro photo of a female eye

Sometimes with META-Health the correct course of action is to do nothing!  I’ll give you an example…A client came to see me with a classic case of conjunctivitis.  Her right eye was swollen, red and itchy, which of course was really uncomfortable for her.  What had caused her body to react in this way? You’re […]

What are your Biological Needs? Your Health depends on it …


Why do human beings do the things they do? What is the hidden force that shapes our behavior, actions, our mission in life and ultimately, our destinies? Why is one person totally motivated but another not at all? How is it that one person will sacrifice his own life for another, while another will murder […]

How Yoga Transforms Your Body


Comment: “As you may know I am totally passionate about yoga and this article proves the many health benefits yoga has short and long-term. That is why I helped create National Yoga Month, an awareness campaign to inspire a healthy lifestyle. And yoga is also an essential part of META-Health Lifestyle Prescriptions.” Johannes The Eastern practice […]