The 10 worst toxins hidden in vitamins, supplements and health foods


Comment: Interesting article written by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. Editor of about the dangers of vitamins. As always it pays to be conscious about what we swallow. Please read and share … I’m absolutely shocked at how many people don’t investigate what’s really in the products they swallow. When something is sold as an […]

Harvard Study Unveils What Meditation Literally Does To The Brain

Harvard Study Unveils What Meditation Literally Does To The Brain

Comment: It is so empowering to read all the new studies coming out that confirm how meditation and other consciousness techniques are effective and do change not how we feel but also have a profound effect on our brain. In META-Health we know that every organ tissue (and associated conflict theme) has a direct link to […]

How Meditation Can Reshape Our Brains: Sara Lazar at TEDxCambridge 2011

Comment: Don’t we love TED talks (at least most of them). You are going to love this one because meditation, being mindful lowers our stress level, improves regeneration, allows us to experience stress triggers, traumas and conflicts more consciouslty and also does affect our memory, our brain (and therefore our bodymind). Enjoy. Neuroscientist Sara Lazar’s amazing brain […]

Antidepressant Microbes In Soil: How Dirt Makes You Happy


Comment: Controversial article written by Bonnie L. Grant. We are usually fixed on how bad microbes are, how bacteria, fungi and viruses are causing illness. Looking at microbes from a totally different perspective is very refreshing and hopefully encourages you to see yourself (your body consists mostly of micro-organisms and microbes) from a meta point […]

Measles from a META-perspective


Comment: Kora Klapp, MHU faculty explores the original and process of measles. Over the last months there have been very emotional discussions especially in Germany and US about measles and if a mandatory vaccination should be required. In META-Health we try to stay above these limiting points of view or discussions and discover why microbes become active, […]

Family Secrets, Obesity and the Key to Transformation

Comment: Can traumatic life events affect or health? And if yes what causes or influences the onset of diabetes or obesity? Informative article with a video and a client case written by Kora Klapp, META-Health Master Trainer. “In the 1980s, Dr. Vincent Felitti, now director of the California Institute of Preventive Medicine in San Diego, discovered […]

The gut flora: You and your 100 trillion friends

Comment: Is it possible that we have millions of friends in our gut? Watch this excellent video from Jeroen Raes at TEDxBrussels.

What is causing Sinusitis? META-Health Live Analysis & Therapy Demo

This recording is part of a demo session during a Live META-Health Master Practitioner Online Training. During the first part a META-MP student used the 12 META-Health Questions Process and made the client aware of the Symptom (Sinusitis), Organ Tissue (Nasal Mucosa), TwoPhases/Organ Reaction (Congestion in Regeneration Phase), Emotion, Stress Trigger Event. This 2nd part […]

Do viruses make us smarter?


Comment: Like so often it takes many years or decades until we discover the true meaning of a body part (like the spleen) or parts of our cell structure (like retroviruses which were considered not important). In META-Health we do trust our body’s healing intelligence even if we can’t proven all aspects of that amazing […]



Research has linked exposure to abuse, neglect and other forms of severe adversity in childhood to a wide range of mental and physical diseases and disorders. Can understanding this make a profound change in the way we prevent illness? The first article in a four-part series. Researchers measured children’s brain activity while viewing facial expressions. […]